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Product Specification

The RHB is a vertical shell type, two pass design hot water generator.

The combustion chamber is enclosed by a water jacket. An air jacket encloses the water jacket. The air blower is attached at the bottom. Air is preheated before it enters the combustion chamber, thus increasing efficiency.

Capacities available are from 20,000 Kcals/hr to 1,50,000 Kcals/hr. Standard models are available in light oil firing with the rugged Ross burner. Gas fired units are also available. Outlet temperature normally is 95ยบ C.

Due to the shell type design, unit is ideally suited for higher water flow rates. Being very easy to run & maintain, it is one of the most popular designs in the market today.


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  • Thermo Energy System has a strong engineering background and a deep understanding of the challenges facing industry. We are very happy with the company and provided products.

  • Thermo Energy System is challenging and innovative company, work to the highest standards and always go the extra mile, not only delivering quality but also working with us to identify new opportunities and markets.

  • The TEST team are extremely professional, we are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any business.

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