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Product Specification

OHot Air Generators are tailor-made to suit individual requirements. The units are self contained, ready to install immediately after power supply is given. Fresh air from atmosphere is fed onto the surface of combustion chamber through a statically & dynamically balance blower. The shape of passage form an envelope on the combustion chamber to extract maximum heat, thus creating efficient higher heat transfer The air continues to pass through outer surface of heat exchanger, gaining heat which is collected at the other end of hot air generator. Generation of hot air is achieved within minutes of its start

Coal Fire Hot Air Generator

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  • Thermo Energy System has a strong engineering background and a deep understanding of the challenges facing industry. We are very happy with the company and provided products.

  • Thermo Energy System is challenging and innovative company, work to the highest standards and always go the extra mile, not only delivering quality but also working with us to identify new opportunities and markets.

  • The TEST team are extremely professional, we are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to any business.

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